Pix Wireless Scholarship

You’re a college student and you know you have some serious expenses incoming coming up for the new semester. Maybe you don’t know what to do about it, or maybe you have some plan of action that’s going to be extremely difficult to implement. Either way you’re going to have a lot of expenses coming up and it would be very beneficial to you if someone would just step in and give you a helping hand financially. Don’t worry; we’re here and if you meet the criteria, we’re ready to help.

As you may already know attending college without any financial aid or scholarships can be very expensive due to the many fees and material you’ll be responsible to pay as a student. These of course include your school books, your tuition, and even your living expenses. How are you supposed to deal with all of it while you have both limited time and income? Balancing it all out can present a serious problem, but that doesn’t’ mean it is impossible by any means. Pix Wireless is here to give you a helping hand with those expenses through an exclusive $1,000 scholarship, rewarding the worthiest individual with a little bit of financial aid. Keep reading to find out more!

Read These Guidelines and Apply Now!

Are you ready to apply for your scholarship? There are a few guidelines that you will need to follow and criteria to meet. Let’s get started with the basics.

  • Enrollment Requirement: To start, you will need to be enrolled in a college or university that has received accreditation.
  • Prepare your Essay: You need to write your submission which will come in the form of a blog post or essay on a topic that we authorize. For more information on approved topics, make sure you contact us!
Your Essay Criteria

If you’re going to succeed in the scholarship competition you will need to make sure that your blog entry meets a number of different criteria including:

  • Essay Length: When you submit your essay you will need to make sure that it is 600 words or longer
  • Format: All essays need to follow a particular format which includes a clear title, body, and conclusion.
  • Submission: Once your essay is ready you will be able to move on to the submission phase. Send it to the specified address while meeting the additional requirements.

In addition to the requirements that we have listed above, it will be very important for applicants to be enrolled in 6 hours of undergraduate courses or 3 hours of graduate courses. In addition to that you will need to have a declared major while being involved in one or more extracurricular activities. It is understood that some students would prefer not to participate in extracurricular, and with that being the case we do allow you to take part in the surrounding community instead.

Further Requirements for Applicants

Make sure that you meet the following requirements before sending your submission:

  • Age: 18 Years or Older
  • Letter of Recommendation; Make sure this is from your college, written on official college letterhead
  • GPA: 3.0 or Higher from Accredited Institution

When you are sending your submission we request that you avoid sending us the following items: DVD’s, Tax Returns, CD’s, Flash Drives, Bank Balances, and resumes. Should any of these items be sent, your package will be returned to you.

If you find that you meet all of the aforementioned requirements, send your package in today! Make sure you include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Article/Blog Post
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • GPA Transcript

Financial stability is difficult to come by these days, especially for a college student. Let us give you a hand up with our $1,000 scholarship. The winner will be selected before 10/1/2017 and contacted by a representative of Pix Wireless to receive their pay out.

Contact Information: 

Please email us to discuss scholarship opportunities only, calling may result in a disqualification.

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