Set up your phone

APN Settings:

Download and install the APN configuration settings from here:
iPhone APN Configuration Settings

The following manual configuration method is the good ole' tried and tested true way of getting these settings into your phone. No data connection is necessary when entering these settings but a data-capable device is required to surf the web and watch videos online. Data charges may apply depending on your Pix Wireless plan.

  1. Press "Menu" button on your device
  2. "Settings" > "Wireless Controls" or "Wireless and Network" > "Mobile Networks"
    • Check if “Data Roaming” or “Use Only 2G Networks” are both UNCHECKED
  3. Tap Access Point Names
  4. Press Menu button and select New APN
  5. Enter the following information
    • Name: PIX Wireless
    • Proxy: Not set
    • Port: Not set
    • Username: Not set
    • Password: Not set
    • Server: Not set
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Port: 80
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 410
    • Authentication Type: None
    • APN Type: default,mms, supl
    • APN protocol: IPv4
    • Bearer: Unspecified
  6. Press the "Menu" button on your device and then "Save" on the screen.
Blackberry Instructions
*Reminder* Phones that are purchased from Verizon cannot be configured on our network such as the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry Storm 2.0
  1. Download Blackberry Desktop Manager for either PC or MAC.
  2. Double click on the “.exe” file and install Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  3. Then, download Opera Mini.
  4. Choose your phone model.
  5. Download Opera Mini and save the “ZIP” file onto your computer.
  6. Locate the “ZIP” file in your downloads folder.
  7. Right-click on the file and click “Extract All”.
  8. Go to the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  9. Go to applications and import files.
  10. Find Opera Mini and click on Plus (+) symbol to the Far Right and install.
  11. The application summary should be at the very bottom of the screen.
  12. Please make sure the Opera Mini reads and says install next to the application.
  13. Click on the screen again to refresh it and the Opera Mini should appear in the installation list.)
  14. Once installed, go to Blackberry Downloads file and install Opera Mini.
  15. Please make sure you check that Wi-Fi is turned off and all your At&t service books are deleted.
  16. Options > Advanced Options > Service book Go to Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP. Be sure there is a check mark for APN Setting Enable and for the APN type PRODATA.
  17. Make sure that APN Authentication is NOT checked.
  18. Then, click on Blackberry Menu Button and save.
Nokia Instructions
Internet Settings:
  1. Select Main Menu > Settings > Configuration Settings > Personal Configuration Settings > Add New > Services (or Web) > Account Name.
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Name: PIX Wireless
    • Homepage:
    • Username: Leave blank
    • Password: Leave blank
    • Proxy: Disable
    • Proxy Gateway field: Leave blank
    • Proxy Port: Leave blank
    • Data Bearer: GPRS
    • Bearer Settings: GPRS access point
    • Select Authentication.
    • Select Normal and select OK.
    • Username: Leave blank
    • Password: Leave blank
  3. Select Back twice > PIX Wireless > Options > Activate Service Settings.
  4. Press RED End Key to return to the home screen.
Nokia 5230
Internet Settings:
  1. Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Internet > Options > New Access Point.
  2. Tap on No > Packet data > Text field.
  3. Enter PIX Wireless and tap Green Check mark.
  4. Tap OK.
  5. Highlight PIX Wireless and tap Options > Edit > Access Point Name.
  6. Enter PRODATA and tap Green Check mark.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Tap Homepage :
  9. Enter Homepage and tap Green Check mark.
  10. Tap OK > Back (until you reach the Main Menu Screen) > Internet icon > Web icon > Options > Settings > General > Access point > Internet > Options > Select Access point.
  11. Highlight PIX Wireless and tap OK.
MMS Settings:
  1. Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Multimedia Msg. > Options > New Access Point.
  2. Tap on No > Packet data > Text field.
  3. Enter PIX Wireless and tap Green Check mark.
  4. Tap OK.
  5. Select New Access Point.
  6. Highlight the new access point and then tap Options.
  7. Tap on Edit > Access Point Name.
  8. Enter PRODATA tap Green Check mark.
  9. Tap on OK > Homepage > Text field.
  10. Enter PIX Wireless.
  11. Tap OK > Options > Advanced Settings > Proxy server address.
  12. Enter and tap Green Check mark.
  13. Tap OK > Proxy Port Number.
  14. Enter 80 and tap Green Check mark.
  15. Tap on OK > Back (until you reach the Main Menu Screen) > Messaging icon > Options > Settings > Multimedia Message > Access point > MMS > PIX Wireless.
Other Phones
Internet Settings:
  • Data Bearer - GPRS (if not available use 'Packet Data')
  • APN (Access Point Name)- PRODATA
  • UserName/Pwd - blank, not used
  • Proxy Push- Enabled
  • Authentication type - Secure
  • Home Page: http://ztdevice.home
  • Proxy server/address: blank, not used
  • port number: blank, not used
MMS Settings:
  • Connection Name : MMS1
  • Data Bearer: Packet Data
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Access Point Name: PRODATA
  • User Name: leave blank
  • Prompt Password: No
  • Password: leave blank
  • Authentication: Secure
  • Homepage: